A treadmill has special requirements in terms of an enclosure. BEO-BAND® is ideal because it is strong, maintenance-free, and safe for animals and children. In addition, the price is very favourable compared to other materials. BEO-BAND® is also easy to install around the treadmill, paddock, or lunging pen. Once installed, human and animal safety is guaranteed for life.

The equine industry now has a large number of companies with a professional set-up. Equine training treadmills are a very common sight. On one hand, the treadmill offers an extension in terms of training options, on the other, it reduces the number of man-hours. The use of a treadmill or training treadmill should naturally not pose a risk to the safety of your precious horses.

BEO-BAND® is therefore the ideal enclosure for the treadmill. It stretches when horses come into contact with it, is strong, and keeps maintenance costs to a minimum. All world-renowned Dutch treadmill or training treadmill manufacturers use BEO-BAND®. BEO-BAND® is available in white, green and black in various widths for the paddock, lunging pen and treadmill.

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